Saturday, June 4, 2016


More and more people are getting Divine Calling these days for Spreading the Holy Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to render selfless services to the 'little brethren of the Lord'. Most of them who respond to these calling from above, leave all their works and engage in the work of God without any discrimination or boundaries. Some others are called to serve the Lord by serving the less privileged children of God. They try to fulfill their Divine Calling by entering in to various social service activities. 

In countries like India, many fake money-minded pastors and social workers who embrace Christianity with the only intention of receiving foreign donations, manipulate things and receive huge funds by cheating many generous individuals and organizations. With these funds, they lead highly luxurious lives and give a bad example to the public and thus bring bad name to Christianity with the wrong message that they send. 
We see in some other cases, many persons who received God's calling but being derailed by the huge money which is a tool of satan for spoiling and destroying God's chosen children.

But on the other side there are many genuine people who strive hard to run their charitable activities due to lack of funds or support. Even banks and other institutions do not extend any support for the really needy and deserving candidates in countries like India. Banks come forward to lend huge amounts to rich people who are influential and can manipulate things. There are many individuals who have many innovative ideas but unable to implement them for want of start-up costs. 

There is good news for all people who need huge money urgently for the fulfillment of their personal dreams or any social needs or charity. A new US based company is incorporated to enable anyone who has dreams to receive global online crowdfunding donations. This company is offering an answer for the average persons' any type of needs like educations, medical treatment, debt (loan) clearance, wedding expenses, buying / building house and/or lands and cars, start-up cost for projects/firms, running institutions / Churches / service activities etc. 

Anyone who needs money but no ways to earn can try this to fulfill their dreams.

This system of inviting global donations is known as 'crowdfunding'. And the company that is facilitating this opportunity is 5 Dollar Gem (Online Sensor). It is a new company claiming to be based in the USA and offers an easy and fast method to make huge money with little effort of sharing this opportunity to more needy people. 

As per the projections of the company, one can earn more than $5 million (Rs. 38 crores) by sharing or helping the needy people raise funds through this company. 

Raising online donations with online sensor is as easy as 1, 2, 3,...

1. Click this link and Sign-Up free:  


2. Click 'settings' and enter your bank transfer details and other information.

3. Donate a onetime amount of $5 (Rs.325 only) to your sponsor. You can pay directly and instantly through credit/debit card via payumoney or via paypal etc.

4. As soon as you make the contribution of of 5 dollars, you can see your referral website with your 'username' in you dashboard.

5. Now share your website with other people who need money. You can join people directly or spread your referral website through e-mails, facebook, twitter etc.

Note: This is a 4 x 7 referral earning opportunity. That means when you join 4 persons you get 4 x $5 = $20 (Rs.1300). And when they also join 4 persons, your income may jump to 16 x $10 = $160 (Rs. 10,400). If you automatically complete 7 levels like this successfully, your income may be about $5 millions (38 crores) passively according to the projections of the promoters...! One need not pay any more money only if shared with 4 persons each.


-You have to wait until your earnings reach certain minimum amount (Rs.1000) to request a payout.
-Payments are transferred about one month after the withdrawal request.
-There is an admin fees of about 10% that will be deducted from your earnings.
-There is also a system fees cut from member's money.
- If all your 4 referrals do not work simultaneously, your earnings will remain in the account wallet.


If you can afford to make a onetime donation of $20 (Rs.1330), the following new global Crowdsharing portal will be much better and effective. Please check:

Disclaimer: These Funding Opportunities are all based on internet and they all bear some risk always. Theses are referral works and the success of receiving donations depend on other persons joining and sharing it further. Please study carefully before you join.