Monday, August 29, 2016

Start Getting Instant Donations for Church/Charity/Project/Personal Needs

Hello Friend, Are you struggling hard to make 'both ends meet' for want of money to maintain your family, children's education, clearing bills (debts/loans), treatments, buying a house, wedding expenses, ..?

Or Are you finding it very difficult to run your Mission / Church / Ministry / Charity / Business / Institutions / Agriculture / Dream project...?

Or do you have any desire to start some business / school / college / institution / etc...?

Are you "lifting up to your eyes to the mountains searching where does your help come from"...?

I have found a new and quick way as an answer for all your financial needs. I found it very recently and made a study. I joined it and tried it, and as I feel it very easy and effective I post it here, so that you or anyone who badly needs money urgently without much investment can test it and make use of this if he/she thinks this opportunity is for him/her. If you think it is not for you, you can discard it.

This is a new crowdfunding (Crowdsharing / Crowdsourcing) web portal, through which one can receive online donations for anybody's personal or public needs. 'Crowdfunding' is the practice of funding a project or venture or need by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people. This method has been in practice since long in many communities in the world, particularly observed during weddings, house constructions (warming), occasion of children's higher education / graduation, treatments, funerals etc. After the advent of the internet, this fundraising has become a world-wide affair.

Now coming to our point, the name of the company that is presenting this golden opportunity for all the needy people to raise donations in the world is, There are quite a number of crowdfunding companies / websites in the world, but this is a bit different from them.

1. All the other agencies who help us raise funds deduct a certain percentage as their service charge.

2. Even if we succeed in convincing the viewers with our needs and get some contributions from some people, we need to wait for a long time to get our money to our account.

2. There is no surety or guarantee that we will get how much money or how fast.

4. Many leading crowdfunding portals are limited for the people of countries like USA, Canada and some European countries.

Now Check whether you can receive donations through for the fulfillment of your financial needs:

Advantages of

Our CrowdRising community is functioning successfully basing on the Holy Bible Versus in Luke 6:38.

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.”

The onetime Donation (investment) is just $20 (Rs.1330) which is not an unbearable amount when compared to the huge size of the potential donation one can receive. 

Donations are sent from Peer to Peer (person to person) Directly and Instantly. Hence there is no waiting for payouts or deductions from earnings. 

Excluding making payments online everything is system controlled. Member's work is to login to the back office and check whether new donations are sent by new recruits and 'approve' them within the specified time period (48 hours).

Visionary and honest admin and supportive staff. CR has a members forum and testimonials are listed by members. Before deciding to join, you can go through these sections.

How to Join CrowdRising?

If you have got sufficient idea about this crowdrising opportunity and are willing to join this crowdsharing group, you can click this link and register on our portal.

After Registration, please login to your back office and watch the 'start here: Tutorials' and learn how to make better use of your CR membership.

Then upgrade your account by making a onetime voluntary donation of $20 (INR 1300) to your sponsor (us). Please see the different methods like PayPal and Payza to pay instantly online. If you want to deposit / transfer to our Indian SBI account, bank account details are also given there. 

Note: After making payment, please furnish the payment proof in the specified area for us to approve and activate your account. You have to donate within 2 days (48 hours) or else your account will expire. Likewise, when your referrals make a donation to you, you have to validate (approve) it within 24 hours...!

Important: You have to login to your account and check the back office frequently (when ever possible multiple times a day) to approve or reject any pending donations...!

Please use your referral link (like to join/refer others personally in your team. After you have received 3 donations of $20 each (ie $60), Please upgrade to 2nd level with $40 to receive donations of $40 each from 25 persons ($1000)... then upgrade to 3rd level with $80 to receive $80 each from 125 persons...

You can refer (share) this to other needy persons in your community and help them achieve economical empowerment. When you help others in your team to rise, your earnings grow in leaps and bounds!

Please Remember: 

This opportunity is open to everyone worldwide who wants crowdsharing money and can give a start-up donation of $20 for the needs of one person (your sponsor).

Even though as per the projections of the developers of this CR Portal, one can raise millions of dollars by putting some effort of referring to some persons and helping them to refer further, there is no guarantee that you will receive money by just joining this program. Like any other things under the sun, there is no guarantee that this company or portal will remain until the end of the world. 
If you do not earn/receive anything out of this, you should be content that you have done a favorable thing in the eyes of God by donating $20 (Rs.1330) to a needy brother/sister.

Important Caution / warning: 

As money is one of the main tools of satan to distract and destroy the faithful of the Lord from reaching the Kingdom of God, Christians are requested to use the excess money wisely, particularly for the welfare of the poor and destitute.